Audi ECU remapping DPF removal

Audi ECU Remap DPF RemovalAudi ECU Remapping & DPF Removal Services

PAS Performance provides a complete ECU Remapping & DPF Removal service for all Audi cars within the South West.

ECU Remap Options

We have three ECU Remapping options for your Audi.

Power ECU Remap

Our Power ECU Remap will unleashe the hidden power of your Audi while still maintaining your Audi engine within its safe operational limits. BHP is increased by up to 35%, torque bands are moved to give better acceleration. You will also see an increase in MPG, but remember this will be subject to how heavy your right foot is!.


Our ECO ECU Remap is biased towards giving you better fuel economy of your Audi (more MPG). Our ECU ECU Remap gives you increased BPH this enables us to move the torque band of your engine enabling you to change to a higher gear sooner and smoother. As long as you maintain your normal driving style you could see an increase in MPG of up to 30%.

Combination ECU Remap

The Combination ECU Remap is our most popular ECU Remap combining increased engine power and improved MPG settings. While you will not see the power gains our Power ECU Remap will provide and you will not get the increased MPG of our ECO ECU Remap. You will see an increase of both in a way that is balanced to give you increased engine power and increased fuel economy above what your Audi gives you now.

DPF Removal

We can remove the DPF from your Audi and change the ECU Map to remove any related DPF operating parameters and regeneration sequences. Given the cost of a replacement DPF from an Audi main dealers our fully guaranteed Audi DPF Removal service will save you £1000's, give you increased engine power and better MPG

Mobile Audi ECU Remapping to the following areas:

Audi ECU Remapping Bath

Bath, Somerset.


Audi ECU Remapping Bristol

Bristol, Bristol.


Audi ECU Remapping Weymouth

Weymouth, Dorset.


Audi ECU Remapping Torquay

Torquay, Devon.


Audi ECU Remapping Plymouth

Plymouth, Devon.


Audi ECU Remapping Barnstaple

Barsnstaple, Devon.


Audi ECU Remapping Exeter

452 Pinhoe Road, Exeter, Devon.


Audi ECU Remapping Cornwall

, , Cornwall.


Audi ECU remap & DPF Removal Reviews

Aug 18, 2012

Mr T Evens : Exeter, Devon.

I had tried chip tuning boxes, plugin tuning units etc, but I wish I had tried ECU Remapping first. My Audi A4 is now performing how I always wanted it ..

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ECU Remapping Reviews

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Mr T Evens : Exeter, Devon.

Jan 15, 2015

Mr T Evens : Exeter, Devon.

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Mr T Evens : Exeter, Devon.

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