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Phoenix Auto Services provide a fully mobile ECU Remapping service for Barnstaple & surrounding areas. We can remap your car, van, lorry etc at your home or place of work at a time that is convenient for you.

There are several types of ECU Remap that we can provide for your vehicle:


Our ECO ECU remapping is biased in favour of fuel economy and designed to give you more miles per gallon (more MPG). The ECO ECU Remap will also give you an increase in engine power & engine torque. Overall you will notice a far better driving experience, more power at lower engine revolutions, the torque (pulling power) will be more apparent at lower engine revs which in turn leads to smoother gear changes etc.

Normally the first question we are asked is 'what MPG will I get after the ECU ECO remap?' The answer is not a simple one. In general terms gains in MPG in the order of 20% - 30% are common, but are dependant on driving styles. While our ECU remap will give you more engine power & engine torque this extra power & torque has been made available at lower engine revolutins (RPM) enabling you to change into a higher gear earlier and is one of the contributing factors in improving your fuel economy ( MPG ). So in general you should change your normal driving style / habits to suite the new found power from your engine in favour of improving your fuel economy. Our ECO ECU Remap alters many other parameters to achieve a more fuel efficient engine.


Our Power ECU remap is biased in favour of maximum power & torque from your engine. Performance changes such as broadening the power & torque band ( making more power available over a wider range of engine revolutions (RPM) as well as many other factors that when added together provide a much improved driving experience.Increases in fuel efficiency ( MPG ) are also seen, subject to your driving habits / style.

Remember that not everyone wants more power for more speed. Many of our clients use the extra power from our power ECU remapping to enable then to tow caravans, boats etc more easily.

Combination ECU Remap

Our Combination ECU remap provides a balance between fuel econmony & engine power giving you a piece of both of the above. Our combination ECU remap is our most popular service. For full details click Combination ECU remapping.

Engine Diagnostics

Prior to any ECU Remap we complete an engine diagnostics survey to identify any underlying issues with your engine. After we complete any ECU Remap we run another engine diagnostics survey to make sure that your engine is healthy.

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If you any questions you can check our ECU questions page or use our Free callback service (top of right hand side of this page) and we will call youy back to answer your queries. You can also send us an e-mail via our Contact Us page.

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