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PAS ECO ECU Custom Remap


There are only two certain things in life, our ultimate demise and the fact that fuel will continue to rise. No one has a miracle cure or gadget to save both your pocket and the world, BUT when you have a PAS Remap you can experience substantial fuel savings and these days every little really does help.

Don't believe in outlandish fuel saving claims, they simply wont happen! Most diesel vehicles will see between 8-15% fuel saving from the remap alone. BUT, when combined with a change in driving style, to take full advantage of the extra torque and driveability, much more is possible.

We give you the tools to save fuel; most customers achieve savings on virtually every journey, however drive hard, convert the all the extra power into acceleration/speed and savings will be minimal, but you will have fun! Taking an average 10% saving, this soon mounts up, if you a commercial driver doing long mileage then the remap will pay for itself very quickly.


  • MPG Savings up to 20%
  • Torque increase up to 30%
  • Higher Torque from lower and Mid Range rev's
  • Quicker Gear Changes
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Quick return on your investment
  • Lifetime Software Warranty
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

How do we save Fuel and increase Torque?


When tuning for economy we rely on the increase and direction of the vehicles Torque. We increase and direct the extra torque lower down the rev range this encourages the driver to change gear much quicker and stay in higher gears for much longer this will save you fuel! less revs less accelerator = more MPG! If you adjust your driving style you can expect more of a fuel saving and we have customers that have seen savings up to 20% on MPG!

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