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Mobile ECU Remapping Cornwall


P.A.S. can provide a fully mobile ECU Remapping service to all areas of Cornwall.

As our service is mobile, we can visit you at your home, place of work or any other location that is convienient for you. The process normally takes about an hour.

Unlike other ECU Remapping companies we can provide custom ECU Remapping for your vehicle based on your own individual needs.



An ECO ECU Remap will make your diesel or petrol engine more efficient. Diesel engines can expect to see an improved MPG figure in the region of 20% - 30%, petrol engines slightly below this. As well as improving fuel efficiency (better MPG) our ECO Remap will also reduce the Co2 emmissions of your car.




Our ECU Power Remap is designed for maximum engine power without breaching any engine design limitations or recomendations. You can expect increases in engine power & engine torque in the region of 25% - 35%. An ECU Power Remap is often supplied to clients who require: better acceleration; more pulling power for towing such as caravans, boats etc.

ECU Combination Remap


Our Combination ECU Remap offers the best mix of improved miles per gallon (better MPG), increased engine power and increased engine torque. Our combination ECU Remap is our most popular product supplied to many hundreds of clients throughout the South West of England.


If you have any questions or would just like to chat to an expert about your vehicle, its engine ecu or DPF issues then please feel free to call us or use our FREE call back service that can be found on the top right of this page. You can also send us an e-mail by using our Contact Us page.


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