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Mobile ECU Remapping Exeter


P.A.S. provides a mobile ECU Remapping service to Exeter & associated areas.

Because we provide our ECU Remapping service as a mobile service, we can remap the ECU of your car, van, motorhome etc. The process normally takes around an hour to complete.

Unlike many of our ECU Remapping competitors we can provide custom ECU Remaps for your vehicle to meet your own needs.



Our ECO ECU Remap makes your diesel or petrol engine more fuel efficient. Diesel engines normally see an improvement in their MPG figure somewhere in the region of 8% - 20%, petrol engines due to the physics of their operation get slightly less than this. In both cases (Diesel Engine Remap & Petrol Engine Remap will see improved MPG figures). As an extra motivation and to help save our planets environment an ECO Remap will also reduce the Co2 emmissions of your car.


If you want maximum engine power then choose our ECU Power Remap this remap is designed to maximise the engine power while still operating within the engines design limitations. After am ECU Power Remap you will see gains in both engine power & engine torque in the order of 25% - 30%. ECU Power Remap's are normally requested from customers wno have a requirement for: improved acceleration & more pulling power that can be used to tow such as caravans, trailers, boats etc.

ECU Combination Remap

A Combination ECU Remap will give you some of th ebenefits of an ECO ECU Remap along with some of the benefits of a Power ECU Remap, overall you will get an increas in engine power & torque as well as improved MPG figures. Combination ECU Remap's is the most popular choice amongst our customers here in the South West.

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